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Shake it Professional Weight Management Program

Shake It is a new and innovative weight management programme and Bexley Natural Therapies is pleased to make it available with ongoing professional support. Read more...


BNTC Bexley Natural Therapies Centre Its My health maintenance club

Bexley Natural Therapies Centre is always looking for ways to help you reach optimum health. That's why we have kept our prices at an affordable level. It is also why we created the "BNTC it's my health maintenance club". It's an extra incentive for looking after your own health. Be rewarded* by getting a 50% discount on your 6th visit plus get your 12th visit FREE.
You can find out more by enquiring at our

BNTC brings lunchtime yoga to Bexley for beginners

If you’ve never done yoga before then try our Beginners Class.

  • Learn the many benefits of yoga at our Lunchtime Yoga Class.
  • Improve your fitness, posture, flexibility, breathing, general health and well-being.
  • Learn from a qualified Yoga Teacher and Naturopath.


Let good health be commonplace not a distant dream


Your Natural Health Clinic

Bexley Natural Therapies Centre has been operating in Bexley for over 30 years, providing traditional natural therapies in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. Our philosophy is to support the body’s natural healing ability and treat the problem at hand.

Our treatment programmes are designed to cater to the individual because we believe that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.

We are always updating our knowledge and skills with the latest research and technologies to provide you with the best available natural treatments.

Our core services include;

We have Hi-Caps health rebates facilities for your convenience.