Family Testimonials


'I have suffered Crohn's disease for the last six years and have had radical surgery... The combination including massage homeopathy, micro current and diet and the constant care and support I have received from Therese and the staff at BNTC means that I have less pain and a renewed strength to cope with the stress of living with my condition.'
Susanne, Mother

'Micro current, acupuncture and massage at BNTC have gone a long way in keeping me in my every day working and playing duties.'
Michael, Landscape Gardener

'I have been a valued client of Roland for many years and when I say 'valued client' ...this is the way I feel treated by Roland and his team.'
Leonie, Marriage Celebrant

'The holistic approach to health and welfare is refreshing. The treatment I receive has been most beneficial to my initial complaint and over the years as other things crop up.'
Diana, School Principal

'Some of our health problems have been border line chronic cases and have been managed and treated with good natural remedies. We can only speak very highly of the warm and friendly atmosphere together with the treatments and medications we receive at BNTC.'
George and Sue, Retired

'A homeopathic and herbal remedy has been totally effective with frequent bouts of cystitis. Totally effective without resorting to antibiotics. ... and a long term problem with nausea and loss of appetite which I have been unable to find a medical diagnosis for. The natural health approaches gives me control over my own health in a non-evasive and effective manner without side effects and drugs.'
Jann, Psychologist

'Regular massage therapy with deep tissue helps me recover from injuries and helps me maintain the condition of my muscles. Like my training the key is regular treatment.'
Robert, NSW Australian Pan Pacific Ju Jitsu Champion (4 Times)

’I have been coming to Bexley Natural Therapies Centre since I was 18 years old. Now, at 25, I can honestly say that having regular treatments with Therese has not only helped me to deal with physical pain but has also helped me to feel more emotionally and mentally grounded. Treatment is more than just time to heal the body; it is a holistic session that aims to improve the overall quality of my daily life. If I miss a monthly treatment, I feel as if something is not quite right!
Therese has provided me with healing treatments, sound advice and a positive outlook on life.’
Stefanie, Teacher